Fiscal Matters


With both for-profit and non-profit Clients, Stevens & Associates has substantial experience in analyzing the fiscal operational needs of Clients and proposing various methods to improve circumstances and/or address issues.  To the extent a Client desires, we are available to assist in determining the most appropriate sources of monies, including commercial credit facilities, private-sourced loans, convertible debt instruments, or equity.  In the non-profit area we are experienced with closely structured bond issues and similar tax-favorable devices.  Whether the credit facility is a straight-forward conventional term loan, more complex mezzanine funding, government-backed issues, or an unconventional creative loan product, the Firm has experience with the requisite intricacies and an understanding of the broader issues.  We may provide counsel to boards of directors or trustees, and executive committees, particularly finance and audit committees.

Taxation: Planning and Controversy

Stevens & Associates is engaged to provide tax planning advice, which may be found in the structure of transactions (including asset, like-kind §1031, and equity) and the inter-relationships of companies’ families and affiliates.  Clients seeking to expand into taxing jurisdictions may need counsel in determining the costs and burdens of compliance, and perhaps the potential benefits of tax incentives, hiatus, TIFs, and similar measures.  Such analyses often affect whether or how the Client proceeds with a contemplated move.  If disputes arise with taxing authorities, the Firm seeks to first utilize diplomatic, professional means to efficiently address issues.