Land and Developed Property Matters

Commercial Real Estate Matters

The Firm has been engaged to represent parties to real estate sale and leasing transactions.  Our Clients include landlords and tenants of diverse properties, including commercial office space, manufacturing and industrial properties, and agricultural and forestry lands.  When desired by Clients, we assist in preliminary use (or “test fit”) analyses and, perhaps in concert with professional brokers, negotiation of preliminary business terms.  Stevens & Associates often participates in developing the scope and conduct of due diligence, investigating the histories of the subject real property and persons to whom credit may be extended.  We thereafter generally lead the Client’s team in the negotiation of the documents, such as leases, purchase and sale contracts, options, licenses, rights-of-way and easements.

Land Use and Development

We are retained to address issues attendant to land use and development (either as a stand-alone project or as part of a broader plan).  Our involvement may be direct, in filing and prosecuting applications, consulting in the efforts of architects or engineers, or as a project manager, by shepherding a multi-faceted project through its various requirements.  The Firm represents our clients on a variety of issues before federal, state, regional and local administrative agencies, including:

  • Acquisition; Covert group parcel acquisition
  • Land development
  • Commercial and residential condominium development
  • Tax incentives and hiatus, TIFs, and similar benefits
  • Zoning and other land use reviews
  • Building codes
  • Condemnation and regulatory takings
  • Environmental issues
  • Historic designations and preservation issues
  • Utility, rail, and other right-of-way issues

Our efforts are not rigid and static;, we look for benefits to our Client which may be available or created given the exigencies of a transaction.

Project Management and Financing

The Firm understands the complexities involved with planning, securing financing, and managing the construction and operation of a project – and the ability to be agile when circumstances may present favorable opportunities or when adjustments must be made to accommodate developing issues.  Clients rely upon our guidance in securing various financing vehicles for acquisition, construction, and operations. We are often called on to become fully involved with each project, preparing or reviewing agreements with architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers. It is typical that we become involved in minding title issues and preparing or monitoring the construction draw process.  Our work seeks to help establish the Client in a strong operational position after the “final clean” of the construction, including preparation of leasing agent agreements, master leases, ground leases, property management agreements, and permanent financing facilities.  Alternatively, we may assist in the offer and sale of the project to investors or others at various stages.  Throughout, we remain steadfastly committed to providing professional, timely, and better than cost-effective service.